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Intact N-Terminal Propeptide of Type 1 Procollagen (P1NP)

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Intact N-Terminal Propeptide of Type 1 Procollagen (P1NP)
Item Catalog Number: LC140850

Bone is made up largely of type-I collagen, a protein network that gives the bone its strength and framework, and calcium phosphate, a mineralized complex that hardens the bone. Throughout a person's lifetime, old bone is constantly being removed (resorption) and replaced with new bone (formation) to maintain a healthy bone structure. P1NP is a marker of bone formation.

This blood test measures the intact (trimeric form) of the N-terminal propeptide of type I procollagen (P1NP). Since this form of P1NP is cleared by the liver, it is not affected by kidney function. However, severe liver disease may affect clearance in the circulation and give rise to elevated serum levels.

P1NP may be used as an aid in monitoring individuals with osteopenia and postmenopausal women on bio identical hormone replacement therapies (BHRT) and bisphosphonate therapies.


Due to diurnal variation, you should have your blood drawn in the morning following an 8-12 hour fast and repeat specimens should be collected at the same time of day. Take all medications as prescribed.


This test is not recommended for use as a screening procedure for osteoporosis.

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