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Apolipoprotein B (ApoB)

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Research1,2 has found that ApoB may be a better predictor of heart disease than a standard lipid profile ordered by your doctor!

Apolipoprotein B (ApoB) is a protein involved in the metabolism of lipids and is the main protein constituent of all non-HDL cholesterol in your blood. These ApoB containing lipoprotein particles are the most damaging to your arteries and include not only LDL cholesterol but also chylomicrons, VLDL and IDL… ALL of which promote atherosclerosis!

Since each ApoB-containing lipoprotein particle contains one ApoB molecule, measuring ApoB levels gives a good approximation of the total number of atherogenic particles in your blood. The greater the number, the greater the risk of more cholesterol ending up in your artery wall and the greater the risk of artery calcification and heart attack.

Why measure only LDL? This test provides the critical particle count number you need for ALL of your bad ApoB!


This test may be done fasting or 2-6 hours after eating. Both ways provide valuable information, though 2-6 hours after a meal provides a more realistic assessment of the state of your blood in everyday life. Stay hydrated and take your medications as prescribed.


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