A note from the office of Dr. Brown

Greetings All & Happy Holidays, 

As we approach the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, we have a few things to note about Dr. Brown's calendar. She is already booked for the month of January. And during February & March she will be on sabbatical in order to finish her latest book, The Better Bones Solution, and to begin writing a new book on pH balance for human and planetary well being.

Her forthcoming book, The Better Bones Solution, is based on her 35-year career rethinking osteoporosis and delivering natural solutions for osteoporosis and osteopenia.  The Better Bones Solution will provide a written guide to Dr. Brown’s time tested 6-step Better Bones, Better Body Program along with her new rethinking of osteoporosis.

Dr. Brown wants you to know that although she will not be doing one-on-one consultations during February and March, she will still be hosting weekly office hours so that you can talk with her and have your questions answered in a timely fashion.  (See the schedule here.)

As you realize, maximizing bone health, building strong bones and a strong body, is essential for a long life of health and happiness.  Now more than ever, Dr. Brown encourages everyone to take charge of their bone and total body health and she strongly encourages her clients to attend the upcoming January session of The Better Bones Solution. This 4-day virtual workshop begins January 13.  We have now hosted 5 of these in-depth educational retreats and we see quicker client progress from those who have joined us for this deep dive into natural bone maximization.

Why Do Clients Benefit So Much?

  • This 4-day virtual workshop is the equivalent of 8 appointments. You are getting all the information in one weekend as opposed to getting it through various fragmented appointments.
  • You also receive a Better Bones Solution Workshop binder with the slides and worksheets used each day. And, you have lifetime access to the full videos of this 4-day event.
  • We will have many breakout group sessions, and you will have the support of the other women taking the course. You will build community, collectively learning and sharing. This is powerful stuff!

For that reason, Dr. Brown would like as many of her clients as possible to attend the Better Bones Solution Workshop in January. This is the best way to expand your health optimization program for the entire coming year. This deep-dive educational event, combined with a few of Dr. Brown’s weekly office hours, might well be all you need to stay motivated and informed in 2022!

For this reason we are offering a "client only" discount for the upcoming January workshop.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer reach out to me at gina@alkalineforlife.com and I can help set you up for the January sessions.

What is The Better Bones Solution? Learn more here.



Gina Galli 

Client Services Manager

Center for Better Bones and Alkaline for Life