Meditation and the Alkaline Lifestyle

Here's an eight-minute meditation to help you relax and alkalize! 

Enjoy as Dr. Susan Brown guides you through the Alkalizing Breath Meditation. Listen here.

Meditation for Alkalinity

Transcript: The Alkaline Breath Detox Exercise

We might not realize, however, that other factors such as emotions, stress, intention and breath also affect pH balance.  Our breath, often referred to as “life force” not only sustains us, but our breath also alkalizes. By breathing in we take into our system large amounts of oxygen. Hemoglobin picks up this oxygen with each hemoglobin molecule, transporting for molecules of action, delivering the oxygen to almost every cell in the body.


Relaxing deeply we appreciate the elegant dance of nature. We take in alkalizing oxygen, use it and produce acidic carbon dioxide, which is, in turn, utilized by plants to produce more oxygen.


Now let’s practice this deep, rhythmic breathing for two minutes. I’ll mind the time and ring a soft bell at the end of two minutes.   Let’s slow down the breath even a bit more, inhaling now to the count of four and exhaling to the count of six. With each inhalation and with each exhalation we detox our bodies, our minds, and our emotions. As we let go of our breath we also release any worry, fear, resentment, negativity.


Now it’s time to end our alkaline breath exercise. Slowly move your attention from the quiet within to everyday awareness of the weight of your body in the chair and your surroundings, and when you’re ready, slowly open your eyes.


As you move through your day, I hope you carry with you an appreciation for the magic and wonder of your body and that of the entire universe.


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