BoneSmart Pilates® Aging Strong Prop Bundle with DVD

Product Description

Created by Bone Smart Pilates®, the BoneSmart Pilates® Aging Strong Prop Bundle is the latest offering from Teresa Maldonado Marchok, MPT.

This prop bundle is specially designed with quality products to support safe exercise for aging strong and includes everything you need to benefit from the Aging Strong™ DVD Series. Bands and loops come in varying strengths to meet you where you are and encourage progress.

This offer includes volume I of the Aging Strong DVD series. It is a progression of Teresa's first DVD -- BoneSmart Pilates Exercises to Prevent or Reverse Osteoporosis -- and includes more challenging, intricate work.

The Bundle includes:

  • 3 long resistance bands
  • 2 ankle resistance loops
  • 1 inflatable miniball
  • 1 myofascial release ball
  • 1 convenient bag to hold all your portable props
  • 1 Aging Strong DVD, volume I


$ 79.95