Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall – Alkaline for Life

Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall

Product Description

Developed by renowned osteoporosis medical expert and professor, Dr. Robert L. Swezey, MD, OsteoBall is clinically proven to help build bone and muscles. Using isometric exercises OsteoBall gives a full-body workout, without weights. A real workout doesn’t get much briefer than this: less than 10 minutes and you have worked out all major muscle groups — and targeted the points on the body known to help stimulate bone and muscle strengthening!

Deluxe Lifetime Osteoball complete package contains:

  • Illustrated, changeable exercise cue tag
  • Cushioned handle grips
  • Easy-to-adjust straps
  • Washable 100% cotton slipcover
  • Specially engineered vinyl inner ball
  • Instructional video
  • Daily exercise journal
  • Rapid inflate/deflate air pump
  • Newsletter subscription
  • “First in Line” — latest updates on OsteoBall
  • Lifetime warranty
$ 69.95