Staff Picks for Healthy Holiday Gift Giving

Healthy holiday gifts

When working for a nutrition company, one of our favorite water cooler conversations is about what new health gadget or product we are currently using. This year in particular it seems apropos to consider gifting “healthy." So as a team we compiled a list of all of our favs from the year to share with you. You may find a gift for a loved one here, or . . .  you just might see something Santa should bring you!

Thoughtful Stocking Stuffers Under $15

1. Living Nutz Rose Mist

2. Organic Deodorant  - If 2020 taught us anything, it is that everything is up for change. You ditched your business casual, so now it's time to ditch the toxic deodorant. Making the switch has never been easier with so many great options available. Here is just one approved by our Client Service Manager Gina! 

3. Think Like a Monk  - The title says it all. For those looking to take an inward dive in 2021. 

4. Gratitude Journal - It is amazing what we can manifest with gratitude. Help others create an "Attitude of Gratitude" with this journal. 

5. "Buy Local" Fridge Magnets

No Gym, No Problem - Gifts for Working Out At Home

6. Smart Dumbbell - One weight to rule them all is the Smart Dumbbell. This weight is variable, so you do  not have to have many different sets cluttering up your exercise space. 

7. Myofascial Release Set - After a workout it is great to release tight fascia. Since you can't go get that monthly massage, this is all you need to do it at home!

8. Tala Activewear - Women Owned Active Wear company with cute designs!

9. Our Better Bones Exercise Belt - Our #1 weight bearing exercise tool. Wear it around the house for added impact and to increase your strength and balance. 

10. Whoop - Monitor your daily vitals including sleep, heart rate, and recovery. These insights will guide you to a stronger and healthier 2021.

Alkaline for Life Relieve and Repair

Stress-Less Gifts in 2021

11. Himalayan Salt Lamp.

12. Ear seeds. 

13. Back and Neck Massager.

14. Gift certificate to local float therapy.

15. Dreambook Mindful Planner - Hands down the best one on the market! This Planner will not only plan your activities but provide useful cues to developing  the life and love that you want in 2021. A truly great gift!

16. Save time and money with an Organic Meal Prep service. 

Alkaline for Life Mood Enhancing Bundle

Gifts for the At-Home Worker

2020 will be remembered as the year that normalized a new way of working -- work from home. Here are some ideas to set up your office for health and happiness in 2021!

17. Light Therapy Lamp.

18. Standing Desk.

19. Wedgie - With the incredible amount of sitting we do each day, supporting the lumbar spine is one of the most helpful things we can do to maintain great posture and reduce back pain. A simple tool for your office chair. 

20. Blue Light Glasses - Office fashion with a purpose!

Rise Well Alkaline for Life

Better Beauty Gifts

21. Collagen Powerhouse - We went Collagen Crazy in 2020 and this will easily carry over to 2021. This bundle provides everything you need to build strong hair, skin, and nails. 

22. Jade Face Roller with Skincare Fridge.

23. Naturally Nourishing Oil - So long, moisturizer . . . Quick absorbing oil is where it's at! Green beauty is easily replacing toxic beauty in 2021. This product is paraben-free, phthalate-free, synthetic-fragrance-free, synthetic-dye free! Also free of silicone, mineral oil, and alcohol, or any ingredients that have been genetically modified.

Home Gadgets We Love & Use Daily

24. Nut Milk Bag

25. Vitamix - The only blender Dr. Brown will use. She has had hers for almost 15 years! Worth every penny. 

26. Alkalizing Water Kit - We plan to spend most of next year finally explaining the Alkaline Mineral Diet in a way that everyone can understand! Our first go at this is to sort through the Alkaline Water trend to help you spend less on your water and get more.

Alkaline for Life Real Alkalizing Water Kit

27. Molekule Air Purifier Mini - Clean air has always been important, but having an air filter that not only clears the air of allergens, but also of viruses is a 2020 godsend. Comes in mini-size for your desk to keep that cubicle fresh and clean. 

28. Oura Sleep & Activity Tracker Ring - Probably the best thing Jean did for her sleep in 2020. Measures REM and deep sleep to help you better understand your sleep-wake cycle. 

29. Savasana Blanket - A quality weighted blanket from a woman-owned company! Who does not love those two things!

30. Wake-Up-Light Alarm Clock - wake up naturally, fall asleep peacefully! 

31.  Sleep Aid Device. 

Alkaline for Life Restorative Sleep Bundle

Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

You might now know this, but we are a Small Woman-Owned Business and we believe it's important to feature others as well. Many of the businesses on our gift list are women owned and here are a few more. 

Hip Hippos Unique Designs

Full List of Women-Owned Businesses