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When it comes to getting the most from your digestion, it’s more than “you are what you eat” — it’s “you are what you absorb.” That’s because even if you eat the highest quality foods, you need to digest and absorb their nutrients to get the benefits.  You can take simple and practical changes to better your digestion and get the nutrients you need [...]

 While we agree that vitamin C, vitamin D, multivitamins, and many more nutrients are important for immune system optimization, we have two more nutrients to add to your list. This season’s immune-boosting must-haves that [...]

With more than 24 million Americans afflicted and no clear-cut causes or cures, autoimmune diseases continue to mystify medical professionals. However, research does support the theory that there may be a link between a persistent repair deficit and an autoimmune disease. This association exists due to [...]

Autoimmune diseases may just be some of the most infuriating health conditions out there. With more than 80 different types resulting in an array of symptoms, autoimmune diseases can be tricky to diagnose, especially [...]
Choline for your brain should be on your brain. This underrated nutrient dramatically impacts brain development and function from before birth to old age. Here we will explore the important link between choline and cognitive function through the stages of life.

Food is nourishment for our entire body, including our brain. Some nutrients provide basic brain-building blocks, others are anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that protect our brains from free-radical damage. The following is a list of foods that research suggests [...]

One nutrient that has flown under the radar for far too long is choline. Never heard of choline? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Considering 90% of Americans are deficient, it seems that many people are unaware of this [...]

The importance of magnesium in the body is well established in scientific literature; however, many people find it a difficult nutrient to tolerate. If you experience loose stool when taking magnesium, don’t worry! There is a solution called [...]