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Hardly a day passes without our attention being called to the growing burden of environmental pollutants and toxins.  It is becoming clear, in fact, that we are literally swimming in a sea of toxic chemicals and pollutants.  The good news is that we can provide a strong first line of defense for our physical body with a few key nutrients on board. 
Muscle recovery for your workout begins before you even set foot in the gym! Here are two tips before you start exercising to set you up for success. When you work out, the energy used by skeletal muscle increases up to 100x its resting amount, which increases the amount of oxidative stress in the body(1).
The colorful plant flavonoid known as quercetin possesses strong anti-allergic effects protecting us from seasonal allergies and asthma, but what about food allergies? This anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant powerhouse can also help relieve symptoms of food allergies.