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Do you suffer from random symptoms that seemingly appear out of nowhere? Headaches from time to time with no obvious trigger or joint pain that comes and goes? These mysterious symptoms may be delayed immune responses.
Allergies can be one of life’s biggest inconveniences. For some, allergies mean that signs of spring spur bouts of sneezing. Allergies also may mean that every food product label must be carefully scrutinized for its contents. So why [...]
You have probably heard of supplementing with omega-3 fats. These benefits range from enhancing heart, brain, and bone health, to reducing inflammation. Now, researchers are suggesting yet another potential benefit of omega-3s on health - the impact of omega-3 supplements on male infertility. 
Muscle mass is a major predictor of quality of life, particularly as we age, and aging muscle loss begins quite early in life. From the age of 30, one loses as much as 3% to 8% of muscle per decade. Most of those living [...]
Did you know that heart disease and osteoporosis are closely linked - to such an extent that it’s been suggested those with heart disease should be screened for osteoporosis and vice versa? According to emerging science, the two conditions are tied together by one major factor [...]
Often people have the perception that detoxification is somehow “mysterious” or “complicated” even though there are many simple, effective techniques that have been used for thousands of years.