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Within the body, extreme systemic acidosis is incompatible with life. For example, diabetic acidosis can be life threatening. More important to us here is the fact that even slight acidosis, a slight acidic tilt, brings with it [...]
Alkaline balance is very important for bone health. We evolved in an alkaline environment, and even today our body’s internal environment remains alkaline, with a pH just above 7.0. Our enzymatic, immunologic, [...]
Among magnesium’s many roles as a regulator of physiological function is its prominent role in muscle contraction and relaxation. Put simply, calcium is responsible for muscle contraction, while magnesium is responsible [...]
In this article we will discuss the most tightly regulated balance within the human body: pH balance. The intent of this article is to advance general understanding of pH balance and, most particularly, clarify the impact that [...]

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