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The Alkaline for Life® Diet promotes optimum cellular and system functioning. The body must maintain a slightly alkaline urinary pH. By having this ideal pH balance, our health and energy are maximized, as is our resistance to disease and premature aging.

Unrivaled purity, potency & plant-based ingredients

We source only the highest quality hypoallergenic nutrients with no fillers, binders, or GMOs because we know that each thing you put into your body is sacred.

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"Love your product. It has help so much with my acidic body. Thanks again."

- Wendy

"Since I began incorporating Alkalini-C into my morning routine, my starbucks runs have decreased dramatically! So has my mid-morning crash - I feel more awake all day"

- Jess

"Ordered Relieve + Repair when I broke my ankle. Felt immediate results as I could actually sense a strengthening of the ankle bone. The X-rays showed that the bones we’re attaching and stitching together. Very pleased with results."

- Gail

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