K2 (MK-7) Bone & Artery Support
K2 (MK-7) Bone & Artery Support
K2 (MK-7) Bone & Artery Support
K2 (MK-7) Bone & Artery Support
K2 (MK-7) Bone & Artery Support
K2 (MK-7) Bone & Artery Support
K2 (MK-7) Bone & Artery Support
K2 (MK-7) Bone & Artery Support

K2 (MK-7) Bone & Artery Support

Vitamin K in its preferred form (MK-7) for bone, heart & arteries
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  • Therapeutic dose of 180 mcg Vitamin K2 menaquinone-7 (MK-7) in each capsulethe dose which has been shown in research to be the effective amount for bone and arterial health.
  • MK-7 lasts longer in the body than other forms of Vitamin K and results in more stable levels.
  • Strongly supports bone strength*
  • Protects the heart and supports a healthy cardiovascular system*
  • Anti-inflammatory*
Purity & Potency Guaranteed. We are among a select few manufacturers that post our 3rd party lab testing.

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    Vitamin K2-7 supports healthy bone mineralization by acting as a cofactor in the carboxylation of osteocalcin, allowing calcium to bind to this protein in the extracellular matrix of bone.

    Vitamin K2-7 also supports healthy cardiac and vascular function. Additionally vitamin K2 may help support healthy lipid levels and glucose metabolism. 

    Compared to other forms of Vitamin K, Vitamin K2-7 has a longer half-life, resulting in more stable levels in the body.

    Serving Size: One (1) vegetarian capsule
    Number of Servings: 60

    Vitamin K2-7 (menaquinone 7)......180 mcg

    Other ingredients: Cellulose, Vegetable Cellulose Capsule, Ascorbyl Palmitate, and Leucine

    1 capsule daily ideally with food to increase absorption, or as directed by your healthcare professional. For best absorption, take with a mixed meal or some healthy dietary fat.

    *Warning: If you take Coumadin® (warfarin) or other prescription blood thinners or are pregnant, consult your physician before taking.


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    Powerful bone and artery support

    What is Vitamin K2 MK-7?

    Vitamin K is a family of compounds, the first which is classified as vitamin K1 or phylloquinone. K1 is produced by plants.

    The second group is known as Vitamin K2, which has several forms. These forms are known as “menaquinones”. Menaquinones are produced by bacteria, and even are produced by bacteria in our gut, but these unfortunately are produced too far along in the GI tract for us to absorb. 

    MK-7 has two very distinct features, one, that it strongly supports bone strength, and two, that it protects the cardiovascular system. These qualities of MK-7 were discovered when researchers noticed that the Japanese communities that consumed a high amount of MK-7 had less heart disease and better bone health.

    The MK-7 form of Vitamin K2 is found in select fermented foods, including fermented soy (natto-a common Japanese food), fermented chickpeas, and aged cheese.

    What is K2 (MK-7) bone and artery support

    What is bone & artery support?

    Bone and Artery Support is our natural MK-7 supplement, delivering 180 mcg per capsule. This dose has been shown in research to be the effective amount for bone and arterial health. MK-7 has a longer half-life than other forms of vitamin K, including MK-4, meaning that it lasts longer in the body and results in more stable levels.

    In regards to bone, MK-7 allows for the carboxylation of osteocalcin, an important bone-building protein. In regards to arterial health, MK-7 regulates proteins called matrix-gla protein, which is responsible for preventing arterial calcification (1). *

    Why Bone and Artery Support Contains Only MK-7, not MK-4 or K1

    A great deal of scientific research supports MK-7 for bone and arterial health. We do not include K1 because it is easily available in all dark green leafy vegetables, and included in most multivitamins. We do not include MK-4 because of its short half-life (the effective dose for bone health is extremely high and would have to be taken three times a day.) MK-7 is active at lower doses than MK-4 because of its high bioavailability (3).

    * MK-4 can be obtained from our Alkalizing Minerals formula if desired.

    How can bone & artery support help you?

    Why a Professional Grade Supplement Matters

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