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With more than 24 million Americans afflicted and no clear-cut causes or cures, autoimmune diseases continue to mystify medical professionals. However, research does support the theory that there may be a link between a persistent repair deficit and an autoimmune disease. This association exists due to [...]

Food is nourishment for our entire body, including our brain. Some nutrients provide basic brain-building blocks, others are anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that protect our brains from free-radical damage. The following is a list of foods that research suggests [...]

You have probably heard of supplementing with omega-3 fats. These benefits range from enhancing heart, brain, and bone health, to reducing inflammation. Now, researchers are suggesting yet another potential benefit of omega-3s on health - the impact of omega-3 supplements on male infertility. 
Unfortunately, millions of us live with uncomfortable, unhappy joints due to chronic inflammation and a situation I call “repair deficit.” If you are trying to gain and maintain comfortable, good feeling joints, consider these top-7 joint-enhancing self-help tips [...]

Arthritis is the term used to classify more than 100 disorders affecting the joints. Symptoms range from occasional joint pain and tenderness to chronic joint stiffness with severe pain. The most common form of arthritis [...]


You probably aren't getting an optimal amount of Omega-3s. Our bodies are designed to consume a ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats that is about 1:1-1.5, but today, we are consuming about a 1:20 ratio, which puts our [...]