[NEW!] Energized Zinc 25
[NEW!] Energized Zinc 25
[NEW!] Energized Zinc 25
[NEW!] Energized Zinc 25

[NEW!] Energized Zinc 25

2 bioavailable forms of Zinc + Vitamin B6 to enhance uptake
Alkaline for Life - Triple Zinc+ - Product Features
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Energized Zinc 25 by Alkaline for Life is a comprehensive formula that supports your immune system. It combines two highly absorbable zinc sources for maximum utilization by your body's cells.  Additionally, our zinc includes active vitamin B-6 (pyridoxal-5-phosphate) to enhance the uptake and activation of zinc.

Purity & Potency Guaranteed. We are among a select few manufacturers that post our 3rd party lab testing. 

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Serving Size: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) tabsule daily with food or as directed by your health professional.

Number of Servings: Serving size: 1 Tabsule Servings per container: 100

  • Zinc (as elemental, 50% picolinate/50% citrate).................25 mg.
  • Pyridoxal-5-phosphate (as B-6) .................................. 3 mg.
  • Vegetable Fiber (organic croscarmellose) ............... 376 mg.
  • C16 and C18 alkyls from whole, untreated palm fruit and leaf ........................ 2 mg

Does Not Contain: citrus, MSG, wheat, gluten, corn, starch, sugar, wax, soy, yeast, zein, sulfate, phosphates, preservatives, casein or other milk derivatives

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Alkaline-for-Life formulations are backed by 40 years of clinical nutrition experience.


We only sell professional grade nutrients, meaning that the purity has been tested at a pharmaceutical grade or higher.


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We fully believe that you will love this product and offer a 100%, no-questions-asked money back guarantee if you need to return it for any reason.


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