Alkaline Diet Testimonials: Many Alkalizing Benefits Seen

Alkalizing Benefits

I have been working with Dr. Susan Brown for the last 8 months. I sought her counsel because I am a 68-year-old male with recently diagnosed osteoporosis. The osteoporosis was likely caused by Celiac, a condition I didn’t know I had until recently. I elected to treat my osteoporosis without resorting to the meds normally prescribed for this condition.

Dr. Brown is a renowned expert in natural ways to address osteoporosis and other autoimmune conditions. Her well-deserved reputation is based on decades of experience helping people in situations similar to mine. She works with top-shelf medical researchers around the world to offer the latest evidence-based guidance and resources, including targeted, high-quality supplements.

For me to build quality new bone and move from a catabolic to an anabolic bone turnover state, it was critical that I follow an alkaline diet as well uncover any hidden sources of inflammation. This necessitated a change in my diet, a course of supplements specific to my condition and tests that helped pinpoint foods besides gluten that could be contributing to an inflammatory state, resulting in bone loss.

For me, Dr. Brown was exactly the right person to help me tackle this condition with a very methodical, science-based approach. She is abundantly well informed and inspires the utmost confidence.

Since adopting the regimen she recommended, I have felt stronger, more clear-headed, more energetic and am quicker to recover from challenging bouts of exercise that is so much a part of my life as an athlete. While this report is admittedly subjective, I was encouraged as to the validity of the approach when I recently suffered a bicycle accident and, although I broke my pelvis, the break was not severe and could have been much more catastrophic. I healed rapidly and within eight weeks was fully recovered. I credit the program I’m on for the both the limited damage caused by the fall and for the rapid recovery.

I recommend Dr. Brown without reservation.

Gary Rancourt