[NEW!] Beauty Minerals+ (Daily Beauty Multi-Mineral)
[NEW!] Beauty Minerals+ (Daily Beauty Multi-Mineral)
[NEW!] Beauty Minerals+ (Daily Beauty Multi-Mineral)
[NEW!] Beauty Minerals+ (Daily Beauty Multi-Mineral)

[NEW!] Beauty Minerals+ (Daily Beauty Multi-Mineral)

All the minerals you need for radiant hair, skin, and nails in alkalizing forms.
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  • Maximum Potency for Radiant Beauty: Advanced formula reveals your fullest hair, most youthful skin, and strongest nails.*
  • Inner Health for Outer Beauty: Nourishes from within to promote healthier production of keratin, elastin, and collagen, as outer beauty thrives on inner well-being.*
  • Essential Biotin Support: Generous 2.5 mg of fully-active biotin promotes smooth skin, resilient hair, and strong nails.*
  • Revitalize and Repair: 200 mg L-lysine with zinc supports collagen formation, preventing wrinkles and repairing skin damage.*
  • Comprehensive Nutritional Support: Includes calcium, vitamin D, K1, K2, and 200 mg vitamin C for a solid foundation and antioxidant protection.*
  • Essential Trace Minerals: Silica, chromium, manganese, iodine, selenium, and zinc support overall well-being and appearance.*
  • Vital Collagen Formation: Silica ensures proper nutrient support for hair, skin, and nails.*
  • Strengthen Connective Tissues: Copper contributes to strong, flexible tissues, muscles, nerves, and immunity.*
  • Support for Hypothyroidism: 100 mcg iodine strengthens integumentary tissues weakened by underactive thyroid.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Purity & Potency Guaranteed. We are among a select few manufacturers that post our 3rd party lab testing. View Beauty Minerals+ COA

Unlock the secret to lasting beauty with Alkaline for Life Beauty Minerals+, fortifying and revitalizing your health internally, promoting voluminous hair, youthful skin, and resilient nails. Experience the transformative effects of maximum potency, pureness, and enhanced bioavailability. Embrace the power of Alkaline for Life Beauty Minerals+, the unparalleled nutrient complex, revealing your inner radiance and unmatched beauty.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Serving Size: 4 Tabsules

Number of Servings: 30 servings

  • Vitamin C (100% l-ascorbate fully reduced, corn free)......200 mg
  • Vitamin D-3 (as cholecalciferol)......10 mcg
  • Vitamin K-1 (as phylloquinone)......750 mcg
  • Vitamin K-2 (as MK-7)......250 mcg
  • Biotin......2.5 mg
  • Calcium (as acetate, glycinate, succinate, malate, fumarate, and citrate)......250 mg
  • Magnesium (as acetate, glycinate, succinate, malate, fumarate, and citrate)......500 mg
  • Zinc (as citrate)......10 mg
  • Manganese (as citrate)......11 mg
  • Chromium (as citrate)......50 mcg
  • Selenium (as l-selenomethionine)......250 mcg
  • Copper (as sebecate)......1 mg
  • Iodine......100 mcg
  • Iodide (as potassium iodide)......150 mcg
  • Strontium (as citrate)......50 mg
  • Boron (as citrate)......6 mg
  • Vanadium (as citrate)......50 mcg
  • Silica (from Magnesium trisilicate from horse tail/Equisetum)......10 mg
  • L-lysine......200 mg
  • C16 & C18 alkyls*......360 mg
  • Croscarmellose......200 mg

Other Ingredients: None

Does Not Contain: Coatings, binders, gluten (wheat, rye, barley)**, milk/dairy (casein, whey)**, soy protein**, egg protein**, sugar, additives, preservatives, sulfites, BPA-free, POP-free, Phthalate-free

*From whole, untreated palm fruit and leaf
**Verified by independent testing

As a dietary supplement, take four (4) tabsules daily in divided doses with meals or as directed by your health professional.

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