Omega-3 Index+ At-Home Test Kit
Omega-3 Index+ At-Home Test Kit
Omega-3 Index+ At-Home Test Kit

Omega-3 Index+ At-Home Test Kit

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Optimize your health potential by knowing your Omega levels!

With this at-home blood test, identify your:

  • Omega-3 Index
  • Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratios
  • Trans Fat Index

5 Simple Steps:

  1. Collect Sample - Follow the step-by-step instructions to collect your sample. You won’t know if your balance of fats is optimal unless they’re measured.
  2. Mail Sample - Put your sample in the return envelope and drop it in the mail.
  3. Get Results - In 2-4 weeks you will get your personalized results.
  4. Modify Diet - Once you have a complete picture of your body’s fats, you can optimize them with simple dietary changes.
  5. Monitor - Track how your dietary changes affect your blood levels by testing regularly.

    The Omega-3 Index+ At-Home Test Kit is a blood test that measures the Omega-3 Index, Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratios, Trans Fat Index and Complete Profile of 24 individual fatty acids. As a part of an overall healthy lifestyle, an Omega-3 Index in the 8-12% range may help to maintain heart, brain, eye and joint health, and a Trans Fat Index of less than 1% may help to support heart and brain health. This test will explain what other fatty acid levels can (or can’t) tell you about your health, based on current research. Once you know your blood levels, you can modify your diet and change your blood levels in as little as 3-4 months.

    View sample report.

    1. Remove all components from the small plastic bag. Locate the collection card with the barcode on the front.
    2. Register the test kit at using the barcode on the collection card. You will NOT receive your results unless it is registered.
    3. Fill out information requested on the collection card.
    4. Prepare for finger prick by improving blood flow by washing your hands in warm water and standing up and shaking your hand at your side.
    5. Clean the tip of the finger (index, middle, or ring) with the alcohol wipe. Allow alcohol to dry unassisted.
    6. Twist off the blue protective lancet cover. Place the lancet lightly on the tip of your clean finger and press downward firmly into your finger until a click is heard.
    7. Wipe away the first show of blood with gauze.
    8. Gently squeeze the finger to allow a blood drop to form. This can take 15-30 seconds - be patient.
    9. Let the blood drop off your finger onto the collection card into the center circle.
    10. When the blood spot is collected, apply pressure to the finger with the gauze pad and bandage the prick site.
    11. Let the blood spot dry with the flap open for several minutes. Fold the flap on the collection card over to cover the dried blood spot.
    12. Place the sample collection card in the plastic bag and seal the bag. Place this bag in the pre-paid return mail envelope, then mail on the same day.
    13. Discard the lancet and other supplies in the trash.


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