Understanding Your Daily pH Reading

pH Readings under 6.5

To begin, some people will have low pH readings.Our western diet is highly acidifying and this will be reflected in your intial pH readings. To begin changing these readings, eat more vegetables, fruits, root crops, nuts, seeds and spices. 80% of your diet should come from alkalizing foods in the beginning. Our Alkaline for Life® Starter Kit found in our shop has all the tools you need to alkalize your diet!

pH Readings over 7.5

Although this is more rare, a highly alkaline reading is likely due to catabolism. This is the process of breaking down of the body tissue which triggers excess nitrogen in the urine. If you are getting readings at 8.0 over an extended period of time, contact your health professional about how to stimulate the repair state to reverse this catabolic cycle.

Remember, your pH indicates your reserve of alkaline minerals. It takes time to build up these reserves if they are depleted. Do not be upset with a slow progress towards the ideal alkaline measurement. It has probably taken decades to get where you are; a few months of attention on your diet to repair and renewal are well worth your effort.

Watch your pH over time

You do not have to measure your pH every day, but it is an excellent idea to keep some record of your pH test results over time. You might want to use this chart yourself. As you incorporate our Alkaline for Life® eating program, and as you use Alkalizing supplements like ours, you will see your pH reading move into the desired range.