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Food is nourishment for our entire body, including our brain. Some nutrients provide basic brain-building blocks, others are anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that protect our brains from free-radical damage. The following is a list of foods that research suggests [...]

Muscle mass is a major predictor of quality of life, particularly as we age, and aging muscle loss begins quite early in life. From the age of 30, one loses as much as 3% to 8% of muscle per decade. Most of those living [...]
The alkaline diet is an ancient, yet novel, approach to nourishment. Life-supporting in the most profound sense, the Alkaline for Life® diet is composed of fresh, whole foods combined [...]
In order to help buffer excess acid buildup, it may become necessary for the body to draw upon its alkali mineral stores. The bones, of course, represent the body’s largest storehouse of mineral reserves, but mineral stores [...]
Our 7-day starter list of alkalizing food ideas. For the most comprehensive list of what foods alkalize and what foods acidify, check out Dr. Susan Brown's best selling [...]

Trying to maintain a life-supporting, fresh, whole foods eating program while eating out can be a challenge. However, the tide is shifting and consumers are becoming more demanding about [...]

Our most common source of protein is from flesh foods, although proteins can also be found in vegetables and legumes as well. Whether from fish, beef, turkey, or veggies all proteins are acid forming. However, protein is necessary [...]