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Alkaline for Life Blog: Protein Consumption on An Alkaline Diet

Our most common source of protein is from flesh foods, although proteins can also be found in vegetables and legumes as well. Whether from fish, beef, turkey, or veggies all proteins are acid forming. However, protein is necessary for life and thus is part of the Alkaline for Life® diet. The alkaline diet is often confused with a vegetarian or vegan diet, and although it is plant based, it does not strictly limit flesh foods. To learn more,  see our article on common misconceptions of the alkaline diet.

The RDA in the United States for daily protein intake is:

  • 50 grams for adult females
  • 60 grams for adult males  

Use our chart below to see how much protein is in different foods and be sure to consume adequate protein. Remember, it is only protein in excess of 50-60 grams per day that is acid forming. If you are unsure if you are acid or not, use our first-morning urine test and our Alkaline for Life® pH testing kit to assess your personal acid load.

Protein Content of Selected Foods

Foods Serving Size Protein Grams
Flesh Foods
Turkey, dark meat with skin 4 oz 31.5
Turkey Breast, no skin 4 oz 34
Beef, roast, no visible fat 4 oz 33.3
Beef, roast, with visible fat 4 oz 21.2
Beef, ground, hamburger 4 oz 33
Ham, smoked without fat 4 oz 28.6
Tuna in water 4 oz 31.7
Fish, haddock 4 oz 21
Fish, salmon 3.5 oz 20
Chicken, light meat with skin 4 oz 32.9
Chicken Breast, without skin 4 oz 35.6
Pork, loin, whole 3.5 oz 20
Lamb 3 oz 21
Eggs & Dairy
Eggs 6.2
Yogurt, plain, whole milk 1 cup 10.6
Yogurt, plain, low fat 1 cup 11.9
Milk, Skim 1 cup 8.3
Milk, Whole (3.3% fat) 1 cup 8
Cottage Cheese 1 cup 25
Cheese, Cheddar 1 oz 7.1
Cheese, American 1 slice 6.3
Soy Beans, cooked ½ cup 9.9
Tofu ½ cup 9.8
Chick Peas, cooked ½ cup 8.4
Lentils, cooked ½ cup 7.8
Navy Beans ½ cup 7.5
Kidney Beans, cooked ½ cup 7.3
Peanut Butter 1 Tbsp 3.9
Oatmeal 1 cup 6
Bread, White or Wheat 1 slice 2
Quinoa 1 cup 8
Croissant 1 5
Rice, white, long grain, cooked 1 cup 4.2
Rice, brown, long grain, cooked 1 cup 5
Corn, on Cob 1 med 2.5
Potato 1 med 2.4
Kale, chopped 1 cup 2.9
Broccoli ½ cup 2.4
Tomato 1 med 0.9-1.5
Carrots 1 med 0.9-1.5

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