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With more than 24 million Americans afflicted and no clear-cut causes or cures, autoimmune diseases continue to mystify medical professionals. However, research does support the theory that there may be a link between a persistent repair deficit and an autoimmune disease. This association exists due to [...]

Autoimmune diseases may just be some of the most infuriating health conditions out there. With more than 80 different types resulting in an array of symptoms, autoimmune diseases can be tricky to diagnose, especially [...]
Do you suffer from random symptoms that seemingly appear out of nowhere? Headaches from time to time with no obvious trigger or joint pain that comes and goes? These mysterious symptoms may be delayed immune responses.
Allergies can be one of life’s biggest inconveniences. For some, allergies mean that signs of spring spur bouts of sneezing. Allergies also may mean that every food product label must be carefully scrutinized for its contents. So why [...]