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With about 26% of the adult population sitting for more than eight hours a day the risks of physical inactivity taking a toll on your body are real. If you’re looking for extra motivation [...]

Another consequence of chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis is premature aging. This is due in part to the fact that even a slight tilt toward metabolic acidosis impairs cellular function. By impairing [...]
Through exercise we bring oxygen into the body and excrete acids (carbonic acid) in the form of carbon dioxide. Shallow or uneven breathing patterns limit the intake of life-supporting oxygen [...]
As wonderful as exercise is for our bodies, it does produce oxidative stress. Studies show that muscle contraction produces reactive oxygen species - molecules that [...]
Many of us have heard of, or even live by, the expression “food is medicine.” But have you ever considered that exercise could also be thought of as a type of medicine? Well, experts in the exercise industry have begun [...]
Muscle recovery for your workout begins before you even set foot in the gym! Here are two tips before you start exercising to set you up for success. When you work out, the energy used [...]