Acidosis & Premature Aging, Muscle Loss

Acidosis & Premature Aging, Muscle Loss

Can being too acidic cause premature aging? Yes it can!

Another consequence of chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis is premature aging. This is due in part to the fact that even a slight tilt toward metabolic acidosis impairs cellular function. By impairing cellular function, acidosis prevents cells from properly producing and maintaining the proteins needed for cellular repair. And without the ability to repair themselves, cells age. Aging is further accelerated by the fact that acidosis can weaken a body’s organs, leaving them less efficient. In addition, chronic acidity can diminish proper cognitive and mental function since acids negatively affect the brain’s neurons. Recent German research further suggests that cerebral energy pools are lower in individuals with higher degrees of chronic metabolic acidosis. All of these factors contribute to the impaired mental acuity and memory problems that are often associated with aging.

Accelerated muscle loss another symptom of acidosis.

An additional negative impact of even low-grade acidosis is the loss of muscle, parts of which are broken down to obtain the amino acid glutamine. The glutamine is then employed in the manufacturing of ammonia, a base used to rescue the body from acidosis.

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