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Arthritis is the term used to classify more than 100 disorders affecting the joints. Symptoms range from occasional joint pain and tenderness to chronic joint stiffness with severe pain. The most common form of arthritis [...]


As summer is coming into full swing, we unfortunately have to worry about the damage our beloved sunshine might cause our skin. UVA rays can cause aging and melanoma, while UVB rays cause sunburn, epidermal [...]
Healthy, radiant skin helps us feel more vibrant and youthful, and is well worth some pampering, especially during the summer when many of us joyously bask in abundant sunlight. Beauty is one good reason to protect our [...]

You probably aren't getting an optimal amount of Omega-3s. Our bodies are designed to consume a ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats that is about 1:1-1.5, but today, we are consuming about a 1:20 ratio, which puts our [...]

Fatigue is likely a sign that your personal energy power plant lacks the wherewithal for optimal functioning. A good way to bolster your internal energy production is by assuring abundant intake of 4 key nutrients [...]
Do you find yourself exhausted all the time, no matter what you do? You’re not alone. According to a National Safety Council report, 43% of Americans report they are too tired to function at work and [...]
    Another consequence of chronic low-grade metabolic acidosis is premature aging. This is due in part to the fact that even a slight tilt toward metabolic acidosis impairs cellular function. By impairing [...]
    Through exercise we bring oxygen into the body and excrete acids (carbonic acid) in the form of carbon dioxide. Shallow or uneven breathing patterns limit the intake of life-supporting oxygen [...]