Alkalizing Builds Bones: New European Study

Alkalizing Builds Bones

This landmark Swiss study verifies that neutralizing your net acid load through diet and supplements — or “alkalizing” — builds bone and reduces fracture risk among healthy adults, aged 65+.

In this two-year study participants were supplemented with a high-dose of potassium citrate given along with their regular diet. In this way, subjects consumed the recommended potassium intake of 4,500 mg/day.

By end of the study, subjects taking the potassium citrate had an increase in their bone density. In addition, they experienced a strengthening of bone micro architecture. Furthermore, researchers were able to project a reduction in the rate of subsequent fractures through this neutralization of net acid load.

What this study means to us:
Most of us need to increase our potassium intake. Strive for 13 ½-cup servings of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds a day, as recommended in The Alkaline for Life® Diet.

You may also want to use some supplemental potassium citrate instead of high-dose potassium citrate at some point, but before this consider taking a broad spectrum alkalizing mineral supplement. For guidelines on appropriate mineral supplementation refer to our 20 key nutrients table.

Alkalizing builds bone. Test your alkaline balance by using our simple pH testing system with the Alkaline for Life pH Test Kit.