Can Your Mind Affect Your pH? Yes It Can!

Mindfulness and the alkaline lifestyle

Mindfulness and your pH

Most of us spend the vast majority of our time in our heads with our attention directed towards past events or thoughts of the future. Absolute focus on the present moment is lost amid often uncontrolled wanderings of our minds. Mindfulness, i.e., focusing one's awareness and consciousness on the present, is an art well worth practicing. It calms the body and mind, optimizes physiological functioning, and helps balance our emotions.

The Alkaline Lifestyle is about creating a life of balance. In chemical terms the balance is between acid and alkaline forces in the body. Acids are important as they break down and transform, as in the case of stomach hydrochloric acid, which breaks down proteins into usable amino-acid building blocks. But these acids must be kept in check, as those of us with acid reflux well know.

 mindfulness and ph

When we cultivate mindfulness, we reduce a variety of the extraneous and excessive stresses and strains in our life, which are acid forming. We learn to deal only with what is happening at the present moment, not bringing in the past or projecting into the future. We deal with what is as we perceive it. We strive for flexibility, just as chemical acid in the body is transformed into base and base is transformed to acid in a dynamic equilibrium. We recognize that life is ever-changing and we might even see the value in “going with the flow.”

An Alkaline Lifestyle is one of reduced resistance and lessened negativity. Mindfulness frees us from past judgments and fears about the future. It allows us to live in a more life-supporting fashion—in a fashion that I call the Alkaline Lifestyle.”