Six Home Tests and Six Supplements for Boosting Your Immune System

Six Home Tests and Six Supplements for Boosting Your Immune System

Now more than ever is the time to boost your health IQ and bolster your immune defenses. As a clinical nutritionist and medical anthropologist who has focused on health maximization for decades, I offered in a previous blog my nutrient supplement protocol for supporting immunity in today's environment. To make this a bit more personalI am here suggesting six at-home tests you can try and I am summarizing the six nutrient supplements that can aid you in sidestepping a likely COVID resurge. 

6 At-Home Tests 

 Test #1 — Test your vitamin C adequacy 

  • A simple urine dip stick test assessmentThis dip stick method quantifies the relative amount of vitamin C in your urineThe goal is to take enough vitamin C throughout the day to ensure a constant tissue availability of this nutrient. A relatively high amount of vitamin C in the urine suggests at least minimal sufficiency available to the cells. 

Test #2 — Search in your area to see if there are any health professionals currently offering Intravenous Vitamin C (IV-C) 

  • This is handy should you want to supercharge your immunity. IV-C is 10 times more potent than taking vitamin C orally and is very helpful if you need to boost immunity quickly. 

Test #3 — Test your vitamin D level 

Test #4  Test your zinc sufficiency 

  • Zinc is a potent anti-oxidant, anti-viral nutrient which most of us under consumeA simple at-home taste test can reveal your zinc status. 

Test #5  Test your acid-alkaline balance 

  • A simple test of first-morning urine. This test will show how well you are alkalizing your bio-chemistry. Any pH reading below 6.5 suggests inadequate mineral reserves, particularly of magnesium. Corona viruses and most pathogens thrive an acidic cellular environment.  

Test #6 — Signs-and-symptoms nutrient checklist  

  • The nutrition detective. Answering these simple questions reveals likely nutrient inadequacies. The presence of any of these signs and symptoms suggests the daily need for a professional grade, broad spectrum multi-vitamin/mineral formula. 

6 Key Nutrients to Remember 

#1. L-Ascorbate/Vitamin C. 4,000 mg on up, spread throughout the day. 

#2. Vitamin D3Minimum of 2,000 IU daily, ideally enough to reach a 50 to 70 ng/mL blood level. 

#3. Quercetin Flavonoid/Flavonol CombinationDaily dose of 500 to 4,000 mg. 

#4. ZincAt least 20 to 30 mg daily. 

#5. Selenium150 to 250 mg daily. 

#6. Magnesium400 to 1,000 mg daily.  

. . . And DON’T FORGET A GOOD MULTI  a pharmaceutical grade, broad spectrum multi-vitamin/mineral. 

For details on why and how to use this immune support, see our Nutrient Supplements to Support Immunity in Today’s Environment. 

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